Amoretti Cinnamon Bun Puree 8oz

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Amoretti’s Natural Cinnamon Bun Artisan captures the flavor of fresh, warm cinnamon buns straight out of the oven. Showcasing beautiful color and irresistible sweetness – add the comforting notes of nutty cinnamon, creamy frosting, and fluffy crust to all your gourmet creations. Experience our perfect craftsmanship in every step from refined flavor, elegant aroma, and smooth texture. Empower your imagination – with Amoretti!

  • Economical, flavorful and versatile

  • Natural flavor, Naturally Sweetened, Preservative free

  • All Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavors remain shelf-stable even after opening. Mix well before use

  • No artificial sweeteners, TTB Approved

  • 2oz Artisan is equivalent to 24oz Fruit Purée