6 Gallon Wine Adoration Gift Collection - White Zinfandel Wine Kit

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Who doesn't love wine? Enjoying a glass of wine is a time honored tradition. Making your own wine to share with others is absolutely priceless. This collection is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your family or friend group. The collection includes the equipment and ingredients necessary to ferment a six gallon batch of White Zinfandel wine. Additionally, it contains swag that only the most elite home brewers can confidently add to their collection (swag bag and Home Brew Ohio stemless wine glasses). Not only will you be the hit of the event, but you may benefit from having a wine maker in your circle of favorite humans. The collection is perfect for gift giving or just keep it for yourself!

  • The collection includes a boxed equipment kit that contains all of the necessary equipment for primary and secondary fermentation of a six-gallon batch of wine. It can be used again with other traditional six-gallon ingredient kits or wine from fruit. One of the bonus items in this equipment kit is the double lever corker. It's great to have flexible equipment! **Bottles not included.

  • The ingredient kit included in the collection will provide all of the essentials to ferment a fantastic White Zinfandel wine. Included in the box you will find a bag of juice, chemical additives for clarification and fermentation stages, as well as yeast, and step-by-step instructions.

  • To finish off the gift collection, we have included a Home Brew Ohio cloth tote, or some may call it a swag bag. Two Home Brew Ohio stemless wine glasses are also included in this collection. These accessories will add that personalized touch that takes this collection to the next level of awesome. It's a great feeling to nudge a wine lover into the transformation to become a wine maker!