Wine Kit - Eclipse - Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel Cabernet

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Winexpert Eclipse Wine Making Kits have the highest single strength juice and varietal content of any Winexpert wine kit, past or present. Added grape skins on most of the red wines, as well as, changes in oak and yeast processes on some styles ensures Eclipse wines are comparable to commercial wines, delivering outstanding varietal character, structure and intensity of flavor. Bottle labels included in each wine kit, as well as, varietal style sticker with concise wine descriptors. 18 liter kits make 6 gallons. 18 liter/4. 9 US gallons format making 23 liters/6 US gallons The kit listed is the WINE KIT ONLY. Each wine kit contains the concentrate and juice plus they contain all of the necessary ingredients to make the specified amount of wine. The ingredients include yeast, bentonite, potassium met bisulfite, potassium sorbate and a fining agent. Some kits may also contain oak, elderberries, currants, other ingredients specific to the wine kit and/or a flavoring pack. A robust blend of Zinfandel and Cabernet enhanced by the addition of oak chips from authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Inviting toasty notes on the nose lead to flavors of jammy blackberry, cherry and plum. Bourbon nuances of toasted vanilla, spice and a hint of caramel provide for a long, smooth finish.

  • Eclipse - Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel Cabernet

  • Red Wine Ingredient Kit

  • Makes 6 Gallons