The Homebuilt Winery: 43 Projects for Building and Using Winemaking Equipment

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Whether you have a cellar stocked with homemade vintages or are a recent convert to the rewards of home winemaking, you are likely to need some new equipment. The Homebuilt Winery provides complete building plans for 43 winemaking projects, pieces that facilitate the entire process of turning grapes into wine -- from crushing and destemming to bottling and labeling. Each project includes thorough step-by-step instructions, building diagrams, an illustration of the completed piece, and instructions for use. A home winemaker and experienced builder himself, Steve Hughes understands every step in the winemaking process and has designed projects that are useful and durable, yet easy to build with only basic carpentry skills and materials. Using his building plans, you can do anything from replacing a few worn pieces to building an entire home winery.

  • Winemaking guidance

  • Tips & techniques

  • Step-by-step projects