Party Pig Beer Dispenser Kit

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The Party Pig® is a self contained 8.5 liter (2.25 gallon) reusable beer package/dispenser that keeps beer fresh and carbonated. The package is easy to carry and fits into most standard refrigerators. The Party Pig requires no CO2 tanks or cartridges because it uses a self-inflating pressure pouch. As beer is dispensed from the PET (BPA FREE) plastic bottle through an attached push-button valve (included), the internal pressure pouch expands and maintains a constant 15-20 pounds per square inch of pressure. This is accomplished by combining citric acid and bicarbonate of soda in a controlled manner to produce CO2 gas, which remains inside the pressure pouch and does not come in contact with the beer. Party Pig Kit includes: •(1) 2.25 gallon PET plastic bottle (BPA free) •(1) Plastic Tray and Nylon Carrying Strap. •(1) Dispensing Valve Assembly with Gasket •(1) Aluminum Attaching Ring with Screws •(2) Pressure Pouches, Pre-sterilized in plastic packaging •Complete Instructions

  • Convenient for Dispensing Homebrew

  • Holds about Case of Beer

  • Refillable

  • Great For Parties!